Ball check valves in KSB lift station (Germany)

Their challenge

The waste water pumping station with solids separation system manufacturer – a German company KSB –  was looking for a solution that will eliminate problems associated with the operation of previously used flap valves.

Our solution

SZUSTER system valves type ESK are characterized by compact and simple construction. The inlet and the outlet is angled with 90 degrees and the ball in the full open position is located outside the flow. Through the unique design elbow check valves do not get into vibration and are characterized by a steady flow.

The result

A flap check valve located at the 45 degrees angle was replaced with the SZUSTER system elbow check valve. It simplified construction and increased reliability of the check valve. In addition, the elbow ball check valve does not cause vibrations and noise during operation. Another important aspect is the convenient service. Thanks to the removable cover the separator inspection is possible.