SZUSTER system for Engineers

The SZUSTER System innovative products are a great solution designed for Engineers.

Ball check valves



Fully open position and constant factor K starting from the flow rate of 2.3 fps. Read the article Check valves for sewage pumping stations including fecal matter, which includes a comparison chart of local resistance coefficients of the SZUSTER system ball check valves and traditional valves.


Reduction of vibrations making system work more quietly. Reduction of the noise level in a pumping station is described in the case study on the example of municipal sewage pumping station in Szczecin (Poland), where a traditional valve was exchanged to the SZUSTER system ball check valve.

EPP pneumatic lift stations



Refresh pumped sewage and prevent putrefying during transport.


Possibility to pump sewage over very large distances and/or heights (working pressure 8-10 bars). By using compressors is possible to use EPP pneumatic pumping station in places where so far it was not possible due to distance and/or height. Through the use of pneumatic sewage pumping station it is possible to build one device instead of a cascade of several pumping stations.


The possibility of installation in close proximity with residental buildings or outbuildings.